The Coming of Spring

Spring, meanest of seasons! A time obscene,
When come the blossom and the swelling bud
To instil a liveliness in the blood
And usher mortal minds to thoughts unclean.
When bursts the sun through chaste and sober clouds,
Virtue dies in sorrow. Triumphant sin
Mocks winter’s silence with a hateful din
Of lech’rous birds and merry singing crowds.
Concupiscence spreads, a foul contagion
Of satanic flowers, imbued with lust.
That all this flourishing were turned to dust!
Will naught repel its debauched invasion?
Lord, let fall thy terrors on all the young!
Restore snow and gloom; let spring be unsprung!


8 thoughts on “The Coming of Spring

  1. Truly Werner Herzogian in its suspicion of nature.

    I wrote this for Politely Homicidal and to my surprise found it again quite easily – I’ve altered it where appropriate

    It’s so obvious that it’s hardly worth the post
    But Spring is the season that cheers me up the most
    Mimic Hooting’s needs are many and they must surely out
    For this I’ll affect a 180 degree turnabout
    Fucking spring is here again, hip hip hoo fucking ray
    Fucking blue skies replace the ones that were in fucking gray
    Fucking green shoots are bursting through the fucking ground
    Peace of mind once fucking lost has been fucking found
    Fucking birds won’t keep fucking quiet with their fucking song
    The fucking farmer spreads his fields with tons of fucking pong
    I’ll shoot the fucking swallows from the fucking sky
    I’ll poke the fucking lambikins in the fucking eye
    I’ll kick the fucking daffodils off their fucking stalks
    I’ll swear at the fucking ramblers on their fucking walks
    Fucking spring is here again, what a fucking bummer
    What is worse than fucking spring? Easy..fucking summer.


  2. I dare say you could find a YouTube clip of Jan Svankmajer in a Czech version of Stars in Your Eyes. There’s a clip of an ad for sugar that Yuri Norstein made floating around that site.

    Herzog is very funny in a Simpson’s cameo but I wish he’d stop appearing in light-hearted Hollywood films. It’s hard to square him not taking himself that seriously with the bloke who made Aguirre and Kaspar Hauser.

    I put Aguirre on when I ran the Alternative Film Society at Art College in 1976. I had no real idea what it would be like – the joys of not having to run things past a committee. The final shot of the camera circling Kinski on the raft with the monkeys was ( as we used to say at the time ) mind-blowing.


  3. I think with Herzog’s cameo appearances etc. one thing to bear in mind is that by basing himself in the US, he’s no longer able to access the (by comparison with most other places) generous funding that would be available were he resident in Germany. I can bear the occasional bad guy in a Tom Cruise flick if it helps him make films like his recent series about Death Row.

    Aguirre really is an extraordinary film.


  4. I think the “documentaries” are where you see Herzog at his best these days.

    I thought the first death row film was fantastic – the boring road trip through unremarkable landscape from prison to place of execution which becomes your last vision of life on earth. A totally unexpected insight.

    He has a cameo in the last series of Parks & Recreation apparently.


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