The Puffin? A Fish?

The puffin? A fish?
That flapping bird a piscine dish?
It must be true, for so the abbot says:
A fitting meal for meat-free days.
Those are not feathers, but rather scales.
Think you different? Your reason fails.
Do not let the brain deceive:
Cast off doubt – just believe.

The puffin? A bird?
What once seemed certain’s now absurd.
Behold! The creature takes the air and flies!
Yet, nonetheless, its wings are lies.
Its beak is but a foolish notion,
A fiction meant to bluff the ocean.
Eating it would be no sin:
Cast off doubt – just tuck in.


4 thoughts on “The Puffin? A Fish?

  1. God bless the lowly platypus
    Whose provenance caused such a fuss
    Considered by natural history folks
    A taxidermological hoax..
    Once a mammal, then called a bird
    Once a reptile or so I heard.
    A beast that’s furry AND lays eggs
    The question begs the question begs.
    Stuck out on a solitary line
    No ad for intelligent design.


  2. Fixed.

    A nice tribute to that weirdest of animals, the platypus. Lays eggs, has venomous spurs, has a beak that’s actually a sensitive snout, lactates through the skin, sleeps for up to 14 hours a day, stores fat in its tail, uses electrolocation. Yup, a definitive argument against intelligent design.


  3. The Pika or Desman from the Pyrenees
    You won’t visit a zoo because of these,
    Uncharismatic, unknown, mainly brown
    Their visitor numbers are tumbling down.
    The tuco-tuco not worth a gander
    As you hurry towards a Giant Panda.


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