Poet Clerihews

Ye lerned John Lydgate
Was ne bet than thrydde-rate.
A ful bounteous monk,
Yit hys bookes were al bunk.

Christopher Smart
Practised his art
In odes to his moggy.
His reasons were foggy.

W.S. Landor
Was much marked by candor.
But who cares what he said?
His verse goes unread.

Robert Browning
Was dissuaded from frowning
At the response to ‘Sordello’
By the charms of a bordello.

Ezra Pound
Was quite often found
Praising Benito.
His career was finito.

Stevie Smith,
With her precision and pith,
Was oft thought obscene
In staid Palmers Green.

Ted Hughes
Had a great ruse.
‘My diction is aureate;
I’ll be poet laureate.’


5 thoughts on “Poet Clerihews

  1. Charles Bukowski? You have to choose
    Genius or too much booze?
    Fond of extended liquid lunches
    And felling women with well-aimed punches.

    Your patience levels must not run thin
    When reading the poems of JH Prynne
    Is the there really there?
    Is it poetry’s equivalent to hot air?

    Raymond Queneau
    As any fule kno
    Exercised in style
    With wit and guile.

    Francis Ponge
    Didn’t write “Sponge”
    He wrote “Soap”
    Which displayed quite a scope.


  2. I attended several lectures by J.H. Prynne as a student, some on Pound and some on Wordsworth; they were very good. He looked and sounded like an ancient, grimly determined vampire hunter. I often saw him cycling about town, his back ramrod straight, always, it seemed, wearing the same clothes. I could only assume he had a wardrobe filled with row upon row of identical suits.


  3. My next-one-up brother used to wear the same combination of clothes and shoes and did indeed have a wardrobe full of the same 4 items.

    He stopped when one of the lecturers on his Foundation course at Art College started to copy him – it was the early 70’s so weird behaviour and sleeping with students was de rigeur amongst the staff.

    just back from a very nice festival in the middle of France – at events like that it’s hard to imagine that this time round the Front National is a genuine threat in the upcoming election..


  4. With Osborne busy dismantling anything that might suggest Socialism we’re drifting into a period where reactionary thought is rising to the surface again. Stirred up by politicians desperate for votes.

    Lord Haw Haw
    Rotten to the core core
    A Lord dreamt up by Nelson Muntz
    Fantasised about a bunch of cuntz


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