The Rain in Wales

What you English don’t understand
Is that the rain in Wales is blessed!
I’ve been to every far-off land,
And, let me tell you, ours is best!

The drops that fall on Cymru’s hills
Are composed of sacred fluids!
The moisture that on Welshmen spills
Was worshiped by ancient druids!

Descends the drizzle to our fields,
And touched by magic is our earth!
It is the cause of fruitful yields:
Of pineapples we have no dearth!

It wets Bryn Terfel’s tuneful throat!
It gives the glory to his voice!
And has inspired such bards of note
As Dylan Thomas, and Max Boyce!

Oh what gloom were Gwalia dry!
Take heed, my fathers, I implore!
Let ample clouds above us fly
And rain on Wales for ever more!


3 thoughts on “The Rain in Wales

  1. You can almost hear the steady thrum of your tears as this was written.

    A Red Cross parcel with a Charlotte Church CD, a “There’s Cooking!” book of traditional recipes and a piece of slate from Blaenau Ffestiniog has been dispatched.


  2. Diolch yn fawr.

    Actually, the weather here in Korea is glorious at the moment. Really warm and sunny, but with a nice cool breeze. In a few weeks, though, the sticky sweltering summer will be upon us.


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