Hiroshige Rain

serried bamboo spears
streak down on life’s low bustle
with precise malice
each drenching sliver a taunt
in mockery of shelter



9 thoughts on “Hiroshige Rain

  1. On the Waterfront

    I could have been a warrior
    In a Kuniyoshi print
    Battling a ghost-demon
    Or giant toad

    I could have been a sight-seer
    In a Hokusai print
    And having 50 views
    Of Mount Fuji

    I could have been amorous
    In an Utamaro print
    Sticking my veined *******
    In a *******

    Instead I’m in the rain
    In a Hiroshige print
    Can’t see the wood
    Or the trees.

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  2. I meant to call my effort “On the Waterfront” to emphasise the “I could have been a contender” sentiments.

    If dim memory serves me well I think our old blog colleague MeltonMowbray collected Japanese prints.


  3. Unfortunately my memory isn’t that good.

    I only remembered the Japanese connection because he said he had an original Kuniyoshi who’s one of my favourite artists.


  4. You’re right, I was an avid collector of prints. I had to stop when we ran out of wall space owing to an earlier passion for maps, of the Phillips School Series type: the physical ones are works of art, though I dare say ET will disagree.

    Nice-looking blog.


  5. MM I’d only disagree with the sentiment that I’d disagree about the artistry of maps. Having spent decades printing out hundreds of maps for touring purposes I welcome the satnav but they don’t give the sort of information that an atlas does.


  6. Yes, the satnav’s obsession with the shortest possible route led me through endless single track roads and farmyards for the sake of a couple of hundred metres until I got the hang of ignoring it.


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